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As everyone knows, in any business, capital, seed-money, angel investors, in essence, 'money' is the most important component to success. Especially in the independent film industry, projects sit on the shelf waiting for the seed capital to be made available.


 Much like in the music industry, there's an immense amount of talent out there, but those that reach the national stage and success get there not by talent alone, but by 'management'. That management has the right connections and can open doors that talent-alone cannot. Inherent to music management is the need for seed capital to develop the artist.


As we know, there's an insatiable demand for content to feed the movie beast. Writers remain unfulfilled unless their projects are blessed with an infusion of the lifeblood of our Someone has to believe that those projects have the qualities that justifies bringing them to fruition. But, beyond the quality of the works, the biggest question has to be answered...can this project earn enough to pay the investors back and make a profit.

Subsequently, the Executive Producer becomes Merlin the Magician. The Executive Producer has to take a 'concept' and magically massage it to the point of becoming reality and creating success.


In the end, the team that is assembled to produce the movie is satisfied with having created finished product. However, the 'management' is now challenged with selling the project to entities that will buy this finished movie. The whole project can be broken down to the artistic component, the production component, and the sales 'management' and profit-generating component. None of this can materialize without the efforts of the magician, the Executive Producer. The Executive Producer is challenged to evaluate each project offered him, discern which ONE deserves his efforts to get it funded, and them find and assure investors that they will not only receive their investment back but also make a profit that is commensurate with the risk...a Herculean task.


Subsequently, Dennis Serpone, a successful businessman and Executive Producer, recognized the benefit of blending the experience and connections of the large group of EPs in New England who are essentially working alone. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. In that context, the New England Association of Executive Producers (NEAEP) was formed with fifteen charter members.

There is no cost and no obligation to be a member, just an opportunity to network and collaborate with the sole intention of supporting the independent film industry.

If you'd like an application to join, simply contact Dennis Serpone at